Product Ranges

Our well stocked depots offer over 30,000 product lines. We carry the widest range of beers, wines and spirits, fresh and frozen meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, general grocery items, catering goods and so much more. 

Our warehouse is broadly organised into several departments, each catering for a particular type of product. Click on the titles below to see them:

You can place an order online at anytime by using our online order form, or by emailing with an order form attached.

Shetland Products

It is important to us that we support local home grown producers and their products:


Bigton Farm - Jim Budge potatoes

The Southern part of Shetland is one of the most arable areas in Shetland and famous for its two main potatoes, “Shetland Roosters” and “Ness tatties”. The unique mix of quality Shetland soil combined with sand from St Ninian’s Isle give the Bigton farm potatoes a taste of their own, incomparable to its mainland cousin.

We use Bigton Farm’s potatoes, not only because of quality but also to help and assist local growers in what continues to be a very challenging market. The local supply chain is a vital component of any food service contract we manage to obtain.

Alison Duncan potatoes

Mr Duncan, a well-known local personality, takes great pride in growing his famous Shetland Record potatoes. The record tattie is probably the best-known potato in Shetland and is used locally by housewives feeding their families right through to the larger catering accounts. Available in 50kilo bags at J.W. Gray & Co.


Blydoit Fish

Blydoit Fish are fishermen, processors, wholesalers and retailers, and have two fish shops and a processing unit, as well as their own trawler "The Mizpah". Their location right at the heart of Europe's finest fishing grounds puts them in the right position to supply the finest quality fish, day in, and day out, all year round. Some of the world’s best natural seafood and organic farmed fish in Europe comes from Shetland.

At J.W. Gray & Co we use Blydoit fish in our local supply chain to provide quality locally caught and processed fish products.

Their business model is very unique in that most of their produce is caught and supplied by their own 87ft whitefish trawler "Mizpah". This gives us peace of mind that we are supplying a great fresh local product 365 days per year.

Hjatland Salmon Products

Grieg Seafood Hjaltland UK Ltd produces superior quality Scottish salmon from Shetland for customers throughout the world. They are Shetland’s leading Scottish salmon producer. Their superior Scottish salmon products include a range of cuts and trims tailored specifically to their customers’ requirements and supplied fresh or deep-frozen.


Eric Graham (Shetland Lamb)

The classic native bred hill lamb from Eric Graham is tender and succulent with a delicate, slightly sweet flavour, the naturally lean quality of the meat is attained from the animals foraging over the Gremista farm’s vast and remote heathery hills. Only available from September until December, Eric’s Hill lamb has to be tasted to appreciate its true distinction. 


Shetland Dairy

It is no secret that the smaller dairies are struggling all over the country and it is very important for us to support the local dairy on Shetland as much as possible, safeguarding jobs on the islands. With this in mind, all milk supplied to Shetland from J W Gray comes from the Shetland Dairy.

The remaining dairy farms in Shetland today each have a share allocation equating to their individual quota holding, and a seat on the Board of Directors at the Shetland Dairy. Daily collection from the farms ensures that milk is always fresh. Samples are taken from each farm, and at various points throughout processing, and are tested at our own laboratory and at the Scottish Milk Labs in Paisley. Test results and farm hygiene audits form part of a quality monitoring process to maintain the high standard of local milk available from the dairy.

Day to day running of the operation is the responsibility of manager Gerry Byers who has a wealth of experience in running dairies in both the UK and Ireland.


Whole Milk
On average 96 per cent fat free. That's about 4g of fat in a 100ml serving. For a power breakfast try blending 200ml of whole milk, half a large banana, and a pinch of cinnamon in a liquidiser until smooth. A high-energy start to the day.

98 per cent fat free. The popular low calorie option in the green packaging. Slightly more calcium in this one, but only 95 kcal per 200ml glass, compared to 136 kcal in whole milk.

Containing less than 0.1 per cent fat, this version for weight watchers is virtually fat free, yet still contains all the minerals and vitamins found in the other versions.

Bakery Products

Voe Bakery

Located in the picturesque village of Voe Shetland is the famous Voe Bakery specialising in traditional Shetland bannocks as well as producing bread, rolls, scones, biscuits, pies, savouries, sponges and fancies. Specialist requests are also catered for by Voe Bakery.

Skibhoul Bakery

Established in 1885, the Skibhoul bakery is situated at the head of Balta Sound, next to the Post Office in Unst. Skibhoul bread and rolls are freshly baked from Monday-Friday, using traditional methods which give a distinctive flavour much sought after. Daily specialities include Pies and oatmeal biscuits.

Skibhoul products from Gray’s include:

  • Oceanic oatcakes (wheat-free, additive-free)
  • Ships biscuits
  • Sweet oatmeal biscuits
  • Cocktail oceanic oatcakes 
  • Standard oceanic oatcakes 
  • Bread, rolls, scones


Shetland Distillery                                                      

J.W.Gray is proud to announce that we are sole distributors of the fantastic Shetland Reel Gin. A quality local product distilled on Shetland's most northerly isle, Unst. To find out more, please contact your local depot.

Lerwick Brewery

Sitting on the latitude line of 60° North the Lerwick Brewery has a unique location which provides a consistent climate where winters are mild and summers cool. The regular humidity together with plentiful clear water and crisp fresh air provides the vital ingredients to brew beer with individual character and a unique dimension. Creating beers with a little positive Lerwick attitude.

Valhalla Brewery

The Valhalla Brewery is the most northerly brewery in the United Kingdom. Situated on Unst, they currently produce 6 fine ales that are ideal for real ale drinkers and enthusiasts.

Stewart's Rum

Stewarts Rum is described as “the first choice” in Shetland. It is a great tasting traditional rum and a favourite throughout the isles.

North Sea Zetland Range 

Great value Shetland themed spirits that are exclusive to J.W. Gray & Co.

Zetland North Sea Whisky

40% vol, 1 litre size, extra smooth whisky made from the finest blended Scotch.

Zetland North Sea Gin

37.5% vol, 1 litre size, this pure spirit is blended with extracts of juniper berries, spices, fruit and herbs to provide a smooth round traditional flavour.

Zetland North Sea Brandy

36% vol, 1 litre size, this brandy produced in france has a clean light bouquet with a warm spicy fruit flavour with a hint of vanilla.

Zetland North Sea Vodka

37.5% vol, 1 litre size, a premium quality vodka distilled in Ayrshire exclusively for Zetland Bond.


Orkney Products

It is important to us that we support home grown producers and their products:


Kirkwall Bay Shellfish

Choosing only the best quality product is the mission statement from Kirkwall bay shellfish. The waters of Orkney are famous for their stock of the world’s best quality fish including, lobster, king and Queen scallops, razor fish, brown crab, winkles, velvet crab, oysters and mussels.




Jolly's Of Orkney                            

Jolly’s of Orkney have served Orkney for almost 60 years, and continue to be Orkney's number one source for premium quality fish and shellfish.

Today, the company remains a family owned business, owned by Orcadians George and Anne Stout. It is still thriving, and continues to use traditional methods in this modern age, such as smoking fish in their own kiln, as well as filleting fish and preparing shellfish by hand.  Their shop at Hatston offers a wide range of fresh and smoked seafood as well as a host of other popular quality Orkney products, such as cheese, meats, oatcakes and biscuits etc.

Fantastic local produce including:

Smoked Salmon / Organic Smoked Salmon / Highland Park Whisky Smoked Salmon / Kippers & Mackerel / Quality Salt fish and a fantastic range of Orkney specialist cheeses.


Craigie’s Meat

All the beef and lamb supplied by Thorfinn Craigie is born, raised and prepared, under the strict conditions of Orkney's Certificate of Designated Origin. Fantastic quality product right from the heart of Orkney.


Crantit Dairy Products

Crantit Dairy is a local family concern, which is based on Crantit Farm, St. Ola within Kirkwall, Orkney. They are a helpful business dedicated to providing a quality customer service. Famous for local dairy products and quality ice cream.

Orkney Cheese

Orkney Island Cheddar is created from milk produced only by farmers from the Orkney Isles. With moderate levels of sharp acid notes, their cheddar is characterised by its rounded taste and savoury, nutty notes. The aroma is always clean and characteristic of strong cheddar, with a firm but malleable texture which is smooth and closed. 
Orkney Cheddar Cheese is typically matured for 10 to 18 months giving a variety of medium, mature and extra mature flavour profiles, demonstrated in their excellent range of cheeses including white mature, coloured mature and medium coloured cheddar.


Orkney Ice Cream 

Made from the milk of the cows that eat the grass that grows so lush on the beautiful islands of Orkney.

The farm has been in the Bichan family for over 50 years developing products through generations culminating in the award for Best Dairy Artisan Ice Cream in the UK.

The product range is available in 100ml and 500ml retail packs and 4litre and Napoli foodservice packs.

Amongst the wide range of flavours are:

Orkney Original - deliciously creamy ice cream that tastes the way ice cream used to.

Vanilla - just a dash of vanilla sweetens the taste slightly.

Strawberry - our prize-winning ice cream with a wonderful strawberry puree.

Raspberry - our stunning raspberry ice cream is a great Scottish favourite.

Chocolate - it doesn't get any better than this!

Mint Choc Chip - a not overly sweet combination that brings out the best of these flavours.

Toffee Swirl - a gorgeous toffee flavour for those with a sweet tooth.

Apple Crumble, Toffee and Orkney Fudge and Marmalade Cheesecake.




Orkney Fudge

There’s nothing comparable to the unique tasting Orkney fudge. Made lovingly from the best local ingredients and sold at both J.W. Gray & Co Kirkwall & Lerwick.


Stockan’s Oatcakes

Stockan's have been baking in Orkney for over 100 years and have a wide range of fine quality products - from oatcakes to sweet and savoury biscuits. The oatcake bakery is situated in the small harbour town of Stromness, which was originally a fishing port with a long maritime history. One of the main employers in the area, Stockan's has a loyal, highly skilled workforce, some of whom have been with them for over twenty-five years. Great local products in-store at J.W. Gray & Co


The Orkney Brewery

The tranquil Orkney Islands, with their fertile farming lands and fishing grounds, have been inhabited for over 5000 years. The Orkney brewery is housed in the former schoolhouse in Quoyloo 1 mile from Skara Brae in the heart of Neolithic Orkney. Now famous the world over for producing some exquisite craft ales.

Orkney Wine

Orkney Wine Company produce traditional fruit wines and liqueurs. They believe in doing everything as naturally as possible, allowing them to produce healthy sulphur free wines that are full of anti-oxidants. All wines are suitable for vegetarians. To see the exciting range of wines they make and what we use to make them visit your local J.W. Gray & Co depot.

Black Portent

Port-style blackcurrant wine. Very smooth and juicy, full of fruit. Delicious as aperitif or after dinner with cheese.

Blaeberry Hairst

Blueberry wine. Full bodied, velvety and big on flavour. A fabulous match with steak, venison or mature cheeses.


Vibrant, dry, crisp and fruity. Wonderful with lamb, chicken, risotto or on its own.

Elderberry Borealis

Port-style elderberry wine. Deep, dark berry fruits, rich multi-layered flavour with a spicy bite. Perfect with an after dinner cheese board.


Made with Orkney grown gooseberries. Clean, nice crisp fresh fruit, well balanced full palate. Serve chilled.

Orkney Red

Velvety smooth, layered with forest fruits and hints of vanilla oak. Superb with steak, venison and mature cheese.

Orkney White

Elderflower wine. Clean light floral nose, soft full flavoured with good length.


Delicious raspberry liqueur. Great on its own or with dessert or chocolate. Fantastic for mixing with bubbly.

Taak hid Sloe

A sloe and bramble liqueur. Clean, aromatic, fruity nose with a pleasant bittersweet palate. Perfect on its own or with chocolate.


Made with seven different berries. Young, lively, soft full flavoured palate with a long fruity finish. Complements meat, pasta or vegetarian dishes. Perfect slightly chilled.



We offer our clients a huge selection of different alcoholic products at J W Gray, with an extensice range of different types of alcohol as well as numerous brands to choose from. All of our alcohol products are available in various different sizes to suit your specific needs.

You can find out more about the collections on offer below, and also take a look at our product list here: J W Gray - Alcohol Product List 


We carry an extensive range of beers, ales and stouts ranging from the historically popular McEwan’s Export to the more discerning range of speciality beers.

To view the full range of beers we have available, visit our Alcohol Product List page.


For the past 30 years we have supplied Scotland’s top selling lagers to all sectors of the trade. 

To view the full range of lagers we have available, visit our Alcohol Product List page.


To cope with the increase in popularity of the cider market, we now stock a massive range of ciders, from top selling brands through to fruit and pear ciders. 

To view the full range of ciders we have available, visit our Alcohol Product List page.


With the largest selection of wines in Orkney and Shetland, we cater not only for the traditional cash & carry branded ranges of wines, but also work very closely with two of the UK’s largest speciality wine companies. This enables us to offer an exclusive range of specially tailored wines to the top end of the on trade market.

You can view our extensive list of wines by visiting our Alcohol Product List.


We stock the largest and broadest range of spirits in Orkney & Shetland. Our portfolio not only covers regular household brands but also boasts a massive range of speciality liqueurs, brandies and malt whiskies. If you cannot find what you are looking for, our spirit buyers will source any product you wish.

All spirits are stocked in various formats. To view our full range of spirits, visit our Alcohol Product List.


Courvoisier, Courvoisier VSOP, Couvoisier Napoleon, Castarede, Hennessy, Hennessy XO, Hine, Hine Antique, Hine Signature, Martell, Martell Corcon Bleu, Martell VSOP Medallion, Metaxa, North Sea Brandy, Three Barrels, Three Barrels VSOP, Salignac, Remy Martin, Remy Martin VSOP, Prince Consort


Black Heart, Captain Morgan's, Lamb's Navy, Havana Club, Havana Especial, Havana 3 Year Old, Morgan's Spiced, OVD, Prince Consort, Stewart's, Watson's Demerara, Watson's Trawler, Wood's, Sailor Jerry

Blended Whisky

Ballantines, Bells, Black Bottle, Black Watch, Bushmills, Cameron Brig, Chivas Regal, Grant's, Grant's Sherry Finish, Grant's Ale Finish, Grouse, Haig, House of Campbell, Isle of Skye, J & B Rare, J Walker Red Label, J Walker Black Label, Jameson's, Lang's, Old Mull, Piper's, Prince Consort, Scottish Leader, Stewart's C O B, Teacher's, White Horse, Whyte & Mackay


Absolute, Absolute Pepper, Absolute Mandarin, Absolute Raspberry, Absolute Vanilla, Abcolute Kurrant, Absolute Citron, Vladivar, Wyborowa, North Sea, Smirnoff, Smirnoff Blue, Smirnoff Black, Smirnoff Nordic, Stolichnaya, Glen's, Prince Consort, Polski, Finlandia, Finlandia Cranberry, Finlandia Lime, Finlandia Grapefruit, Finlandia Mango

Craft Gins

We stock a large range of craft gins, including:

Woodford Reserve, Adnams Copper House Distilled, Blackwoods, Boe Superior, Boodles, Pink Pepper, Botanist Islay Dry, Brokers London Dry, Brooklyn, Bulldog London Dry, Caorunn, Daffys , Darnlys View, Deaths Door, Eden, Edgerton Pink, Gordons, Greenhalls Bloom, Haymans Old Tom, Junipero, King of Soho, Langleys, Larios 12, London No.3, Love, Makar Glasgow , Martin Millers, Monkey 47, NB, No. 209, Oak, Orkney Kirkjuvagr, Orkney Johnsmas, Orkney Mikkelmas, Pickerings, Portobello Road, Rock Rose, Shetland Reel, Squires, Strathearn, Tanqueray, Ungava.

To view our full range of spirits, visit our Alcohol Product List.

Malt Whiskies

We stock a large range of malt whiskies, including:

Aberlour 10 Year Old, Ancnoc 12 Year Old, Antiquary 12 Year Old, Ardmore Legacy, Bowmore 12 Year Old, Ardmore, As We Get It Highland Single, Auchentoshan American Oak, Balvenie 12 Year Old D/Wood, Bells, Bruichladdich, Bulleit Bourbon, Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old, Cardhu Gold Reserve, Chivas Regal, Dalwhinnie Classic, Cragganmore Classic, Oban Classic, Lagavulin Classic, Claymore Scotch Whisky, Connemara Peat Irish, Dalwhinnie Winter Gold, Dun Bheagan Mortlach 12 Year Old, Glen Grant 10 Year Old, Glenfiddich, Glengoyne 10 Year Old, Glenkinchie Classic, Glenlivet, Glenmorangie, Glenrothes Select Reserve,, Hakashu Distillers Reserve, Hankey Bannister 12 Year Old, Hibiki 12 Year Old, Hibiki Japanese Harmony, Highland Park, Bruichladdich Islay Barley, Isle of Jura, Johnnie Walker, Kilbeggan Whisky, Knob Creek 9 Year Old Whisky, Laphroaig 10 Year Old, Laphroaig Select, Macallan, Monkey Shoulder, Muckle Flugga Whisky, Old Bushmills 10 Year Old, Old Pultney 12 Year Old, Peateds of Distinction, Rock Oyster, Scallywag, Scapa Glansa, Scapa Skiren, Shetland Reel Blend, Singleton Spey Cascade, Smokehead, Speyburn 10 Year Old, Stag Royal Liquor 30%, Stewart Cream of Barley, Stroma, Talisker, Tobermory Single, Tullamore Dew Irish Whisky

To view our full range of spirits, visit our Alcohol Product List.


Bakery Products

At Gray’s we have an extensive range of bakery products ranging from excellent locally sourced items to well-known national brands. Our range includes par-baked and fresh or frozen stock and covers everything the household or caterer requires all at a sensible price to suit today’s challenging environment.


Bar Accessories

We offer a comprehensive range of professional accessories for your bar, from essential bar equipment to entertainment materials; whether you are looking for traditional or more contemporary items.

Fridges and Coolers

For all your bottle cooler requirements, go no further! We offer single, double and triple door under-bar coolers, or even a wide selection of ice machines suitable for any on trade business.

All at Shetland & Orkney's best prices, with a free service contract included.

Pool Tables and Accessories

You can get all the required pool accessories from us; including tables, to balls, triangles, cues and chalk.

Juke Boxes

If you think your establishment could be livened up with a juke box, we have a variety to select from to suit your traditional pub or more modern style bar.

Gaming Machines

If you want to have entertainment, quiz and gaming machines available to your customers we can offer you a wide range of different options.

Darts Accessories

We can supply your establishment with darts boards, flights, stems and other accessories.

Wine Dispensers

Our Technical Services department can now supply and install bar top wine dispensers.

This new market system is proving to be the most cost effective and waste free option currently available, and we offer it in 3 different formats; a smooth Merlot, a French Chardonnay or a Californian White Zinfandel.

We also offer a free installation.

Guinness Surger

We can supply the new Guinness Surger unit, as well as stock the cans of Guinness to use with it. For more information about the surger please contact our technical team.

Ancillary Items

We help to ensure that your bar not only offers the entertainment accessories to make it appealing to customers, but we also supply necessary products required for your establishment.

We can contribute ancillary items required to run your bar or outlet:

  • A massive range of free drip mats and bar runners 
  • An extensive range of complimentary brewers ice buckets 
  • An extensive range of stainless steel ice tongs 
  • A huge range of branded complimentary optics 
  • Orkney & Shetland's best range of water jugs 
  • Stainless steel rotary optic stands for hire

Plus much, much more


We can supply your establishment with an extensive range of bar glassware, including glassware for beers, wines, spirits and even some 'vintage' types.


Bedding Supplies

To complete the package in terms of the hospitality industry supply, at Gray’s we now have in-store a growing selection of:

  • Quality single and double beds all industry specific 
  • Fireproof single and double mattresses
  • A selection of pillows to suit your needs
  • A wide selection of pillow covers and bed sheets
  • Also now stocking a wide range of towels and bathroom accessories

Catering Supplies

Being in the forefront of Northern Isles foodservice means that we carry a massive range of catering specific lines including our own value for money “Caterers Kitchen” range of products. Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation for supplying all catering businesses with exactly what they need in the right sized pack and at an affordable price point.

Landmark Wholesale has been widely acknowledged as a leading operator of Own Brands in the Wholesale Sector. Caterers Kitchen is a well established and much trusted range of over 400 food and non-food products, developed specifically to help caterers keep their costs under control. Every product is carefully chosen to match branded quality but without the added cost of the fancy packaging and advertising.

Caterers Kitchen delivers great value, everyday.


Christmas Items

We offer a massive selection of festive products, from artificial and real fir trees, to bobbles and novelty items, as well as a range of quality Christmas crackers. We have the lot! 


Cleaning Products

At Gray’s we aim to offer the lowest price janitorial supplies, industrial cleaning supplies as well as commercial cleaning products. We stock a massive range of cleaning products, chemical cleaning supplies, washroom products, commercial catering supplies, janitorial cleaning supplies, industrial carpet cleaners and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We stock the most popular brands, as well as an extensive range of value Caterers Kitchen products.

We can supply a COSSH data sheet on request.



We are proud to have on offer the Northern Isles best range of confectionary items. Our list has everything any good retail confectioner requires to stock his outlet. Also stocking a vast array of confectionary tubs ideal for the outdoor caterer or youth club.

Look out for our monthly confectionary promotions online or simply visit your local J.W. Gray & Co depot to get a brochure.


Crisps and Snacks

We stock the following brands at the best prices possible:

Walkers, Golden Wonder, KP Crisps, Monster Munch, Brannigan’s, KP Nuts, Nobby’s Nuts, Smiths Scampi & Bacon fries, McCoy’s, Pringles, Roysters, Snack A Jacks



Diamond Fireworks - the difference is quality!

With over 15 years experience at wholesaling fireworks in the Northern Isles, we have worked hard to ensure our range is of the highest quality while promising value for money. This means that you, the customer, can purchase a higher than normal amount of products in comparison to other local suppliers. That way you can have a fun filled Guy Fawkes, Christmas or new year.

Spend over £100 with us and receive a great pack of sky rockets free of charge!!


Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

At Gray’s, we have a very unique route to market in terms of fresh fruit & veg service to the Northern Isles. Our expert buyer on the fruit market ensures he picks only the finest produce for onward delivery to Orkney & Shetland. Our transport partner thereafter despatches our stock and ensures it arrives to the ferry within 6 hours of our order being sent to the market. This attention to detail ensures us that unlike any other supplier, we can guarantee our fresh fruit & vegetables are delivered to door in either Orkney or Shetland within 24 hours of order placement.

All household and catering variants of fruit & veg sold, specialist & seasonal orders (including Christmas Trees and Holly Wreaths) also catered for.


Fresh Meat and Poultry

We pride ourselves in having a state of the art, modern, butchery department providing only the finest quality fresh and frozen cooked meats and poultry including top quality Shetland Lamb, reestit mutton and Orkney "Island Gold" meats.

Our team of butchers are passionate about what they do and, combined with a commitment to quality, our service is second to none.

We also pride ourselves in being lucky enough to have three of Shetland’s best known butchers working for us.

Feel free to contact us and ask for our butchery department where your request will be dealt with in a swift and professional manner.

No order too big or small. Our team at Gray’s will cater for all your requirements no matter how large or small, from large catering orders to specialised household cuts, we can cater for any size of order.

Have Your Order Delivered

At Gray’s we can have your order delivered to your business premises or household. Depending on the quantity required and your location, we may be able to supply some of our specialist meat products (available on request and securely vacuum packed) by mail order or on one of our temperature controlled delivery vehicles.


Frozen and Chilled Foods

We stock the following brands at Orkney & Shetland's Best Prices:

Aunt Bessie's, Ben & Jerry's, Bernard Matthews, Birds Eye, Coppenraith & Weise, De Roma, Dr Oetker, Findus, Gino's, Goodfellas, Haagen Daas, Jus-Roll, Kershaw's, Linda McCartney, Lyons, Mackie's Ice Cream, McCain's, Ross, S.F.C, Walls Ice Cream, Yankee, Young's

You can also have frozen order delivered in our new state of the art temperature controlled vehicles.


Garden Products

We can guarantee Orkney and Shetland’s best prices for gardening items and disposable barbecues at J W Gray’s.

Our range includes: Plant pots, Compost, Grow bags, Rakes, Forks, Plant food, Seeds, Knee pads, Gardening gloves, Watering cans, Gardening hoes, Bird tables, Garden gnomes, Outdoor lights, Hoses and connectors and Bryant & May disposable grill box barbecues.


Healthcare Products

We now stock to support our growing customer base covering the local retail sector and offshore accounts, a vast array of Healthcare Products for male and females. Please see below a snapshot of products currently stocked.


Non-Food Items

To make sure you can get everything under one roof, both J.W.Gray & Co Depots have an extensive range of non food items to support the needs of our customer base. With great parking facilities at both locations, why not try J.W.Gray & Co for the following: Plastic Storage Boxes, Kitchen Utensils, Crockery, Picture Frames, Towels, Tools, Stationery, Candles and Party Packs.


Pet Foods

J.W. Gray & Co can supply pet  lovers with absolutely everything they need to make their animals happy - from the best quality cat and dog food, to grooming equipment and even fish food. All pet food stocked uses the very best ingredients to ensure pets receive the nutritional value they deserve .

Our best selling brands include: Whiskas, Felix, Pedigree, Baker's, Webbox, Bonio, Kitekat, Thomas Cat litter, Go Cat and Aquarian.


Soft Drinks

To keep up with the ever-changing market conditions we stock over 2000 varieties of soft drinks from every manufacturer in the UK and beyond.

We can now boast the largest selection of still and flavoured waters in the Northern Isles and also hold an impressive array of sports and energy drinks to suit the demands of the keep fit fraternity.

Look out for our comprehensive monthly deals on soft drinks.



When it comes to your office supplies essentials, we have everything you could possibly need.  Come and have a look through our range of labels, paper, pens & pencils, envelopes, notebooks, diaries and much more . Our great prices and range will ensure you’ll find exactly what you need.


Tobacco Products

We supply every brand of tobacco currently on sale in the UK marketplace. These ranges include tipped cigarettes, plain cigarettes, cigars, hand rolling tobacco, piped tobacco and smoker sundries; all of which come in various different pack sizes.

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