Corporate Responsibilities

We have built a good reputation with our customers from all different sectors, being praised for maintaining an ethical role towards our local community, employees and customers. We are a socially responsible company, succeeding to provide the best service and products to our customers, whilst being sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Local and Sustainable

We are particularly proud of the amount of local produce we offer to customers, ranging from local farmers meats, dairies, vegetables and fruit. As well as locally brewed ales, and our own company range. Our products are always sourced locally when possible and are of the best quality for our customers.

We are pleased to employ local people in both our depots in Shetland and Orkney, all who are constantly training and striving to improve. We ensure our staff are safe when working for us.

One of our overall aims is to continue supporting local business and community.

Health and Safety

We are accredited to …

We also have Royal Bank of Scotland Mentor as a business partner. They provide consultancy and advice, which is in place to ensure that we abide by all existing and new legislation to best protect and support our employees and customers.

RBS mentor help us to:

  • Guarantee high standard in health and safety to create a productive working environment
  • Confirm that we adhere to regulations to safeguard the environment
  • Understand rights and protect our business and employees

RBS Mentor allow us to concentrate on what we do best - delivering high quality service and products to our customers.

Environmental Policy

J W Gray is a premier wholesaler working in the commercial, offshore and shipping sectors in Northern Scotland. We recognise that our services can have a bearing on the environment in terms of waste generation, and we seek to minimise this as far as is reasonably possible.

We are committed to:

  • Continually improving our performance in protecting the environment
  • Preventing waste, pollution and recycling where possible
  • Complying with legislation and codes of practice relevant to the industry in which we operate
  • Working with suppliers and customers to reduce environmental impact from products, waste and transportation by ensuring commitment by all parties

Our employees are all given appropriate training to raise awareness of environmental protection and to understand our role in reducing impact and issues.

We will review our Environmental Policy annually to ensure that we are changing with new legislation and other factors. Our policy is available on request to any interested parties, at our main depot in Shetland.

Iain Johnston
Operations Director
J W Gray & Co.