Shipping Supplies

Our Ships Agency and Stores Department is the most reliable and efficient option for maritime supplies:

We are the only supplier in The Northern Isles with Quality Assurance accreditation

  • All our foodstuffs are fully compliant with HACCP Regulations and Procedures
  • With over 30,000 lines stocked in our Kirkwall and Lerwick depots, we can guarantee to get everything you need for your next trip, on time, every time and at the right price


Sourcing the highest quality of produce for the marine sector is very important to us. Many of our staff are ex-seamen themselves and that experience is relied upon to provide the standard of premium stores required for every voyage.

All these factors combined with temperature monitored and controlled transport ensures a premium quality food service at all times, and gives us confidence in each shipboard delivery.

Both depots are comprehensively stocked with all key products required for maritime supplies with a wide range of:

  • Catering products
  • Chilled and ambient products
  • Frozen foods
  • Confectionery
  • Soft drinks and mineral waters
  • Fresh fruit & veg

All our provisions come with a competitive price guarantee.

All deliveries are palletised to suit your requirements and shrink wrapped against weather.

Consumable Items

We realise that to provide a complete shipboard service we must provide a wide range of consumable items. With this in mind we have Shetland & Orkney’s best stocked range of:

  • Cleaning products
  • Toilet rolls
  • Office supplies
  • Catering ancillary items including napkins, cups and glassware
  • A well-stocked range of labelling material and safety data sheets

Butchery Service

Quality meat at the best prices

We pride ourselves in having an excellent butchery department, providing only the finest quality fresh and cooked meats to the offshore sector. Our butchers are passionate about what they do; combined with a commitment to quality, our service is second to none.

With 25 years’ experience in the shipping sector and with staff who themselves are ex-seamen, we can supply and deliver all your shipboard needs including catering, non-foods, chemicals and bonded supplies.

Shipping Vessels

Loch Rannoch Loch Rannoch

Vessel Type: Shuttle Tanker
Gross Tonnage: 75,256 tons
No. of Passengers: No. of Crew: 24
Owner: BP Shipping

Minerva Rita Minerva Rita

Vessel Type: Oil / Chemical Tanker
Gross Tonnage: 28,960 tons
No. of Crew: 22
Owner: Minerva Marine

Bibby Polaris Bibby Polaris

Vessel Type: Diving Support Vessel
Gross Tonnage: 8234 tons
No. of Crew: 145
Owner: Bibby Offshore

Bibby Sapphire Bibby Sapphire

Vessel Type: Diving Support Vessel
Gross Tonnage: 6064 tons
No. of Crew: 105
Owner: Bibby Offshore

MV Hjaltland / MV Hrossey MV Hjaltland / MV Hrossey

Vessel Type: Passenger Vessel
Gross Tonnage: 11,720 tons
No. of Passengers: 600 (max)
Owner: Serco Northlink Ferries

MV Hamnavoe MV Hamnavoe

Vessel Type: Passenger Vessel
Gross Tonnage: 8780 tons
No. of Passengers: 600 (max)
Owner: Serco Northlink Ferries

MFV Voyager MFV Voyager

Vessel Type: Fishing Vessel
Gross Tonnage: 3145 tons
No. of Crew: 21
Owner: McCulloch Arnold

MFV Pathway MFV Pathway

Vessel Type: Fishing Vessel
Gross Tonnage: 2194 tons
No. of Crew: 19
Owner: Lunar Fishing Company

Iremis Da Vinci Iremis Da Vinci

Vessel Type: Diving Support Vessel
Gross Tonnage: 8691 tons
No. of Crew: 120
Owner: Iremis Offshore

Fugro Symphony Fugro Symphony

Vessel Type: Support Vessel
Gross Tonnage: 10,803 tons
No. of Passengers: 105
Owner: Fugro Subsea Services

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