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Responsibilities, Policies & Affiliations

Corporate Responsibilities

Over many years our business has built close relationships and, we feel, good reputations with customers from all the sectors we serve. Feedback is always welcome and our approaches to issues of ethical sourcing, social interaction, environmental responsibilities, and legislative requirements are tied together, managed, reviewed and independently and continuously audited through our Quality Management System, which ensures our business thinking, policies and practice are carried out in all stakeholders best interests.

Ethical sourcing

Efforts are continuous in sourcing products for our customers with a close eye on issues such as road and sea miles, freight costs, packaging developments supporting local (national and on-island) etc.

We are particularly proud of the amount of local produce we offer to customers, from small local entrepreneurs to the large contractual. Ranging from meat sourced from farm and croft, dairy produce, vegetables, bakery produce, fish, sprits, beers and fruit.

Over and above Shetland produce, and in conjunction with the Scottish Wholesale Association and Scottish producers, we are part of a move to source Scottish produce where possible. Again, supporting a move towards sourcing products closer to the end user.

Associations and governing bodies

As a forward-looking local business, it is vital that J.W. Gray & Co. work with all appropriate institutions, industry bodies and other stakeholders for the betterment of our customers. At present we interact, are members of and utilise the expertise of the following:

  • ISO 9001 2015: fully accredited and audited by National Quality Assurance Ltd.

  • Unitas Wholesale: full member of the national buying group

  • Scottish Wholesale Association: providing training, lobbying, liaison, legislation etc.

  • Federation of Wholesale Distributors: providing support on brand awareness, market insight, technology and consultancy

  • International Ships Supply Association: we are a quality mark accredited member of this national associations of ship suppliers

  • Scottish Licensed Trades Association: as a member we can provide information, advice and assistance to the trade

  • Innserve: through partnership we supply installation and maintenance of beer and soft drinks dispense systems

  • RBS Mentor Services: provide us with all employment law advice, services and direct support

Environmental responsibilities

As well as the induvial, organisations have a responsibility in continually improving performance in issues relating to the protection of the natural environment.

As a premier wholesaler serving the local commercial, public, oil & gas, offshore and shipping sectors we recognise that our services have a bearing on the environment in terms of waste generation, and, with the close relationships with suppliers, we seek to minimise this as far as is reasonably possible.

I relation to this we are committed to:

  • preventing overall waste

  • prevent site produced pollution

  • recycling where possible

  • complying with legislation and codes of practice relevant to the industry

  • work with suppliers and customers to reduce environmental impact from waste and transportation by ensuring best practice and commitment by all parties

  • training employees to raise awareness of environmental protection and to understand our role

  • review our Environmental Policy annually to ensure that we change when changes are required. Our policy is available from our head office upon request.

Local and social interaction

We are a socially responsible company, succeeding in providing the best service and products to our customers, whilst remaining commercially sustainable, safe and environmentally conscious.

Employing local people in both depots, Lerwick in Shetland, and Kirkwall Orkney, all staff are provided training as the business strives to move forward and improve.

A prime goal is to continue supporting local businesses and the wider community through actions and service.


J. W Gray & Co.